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How To Achieve That Vintage Style Look

Krist S Fashion

A blast from the past is one of the most adorable fashion dress styles. From pinup clothing to flapper dresses and from indie clothing to retro swimwear, the vintage style look is a peak of fashion style from the 20’s to the ’70s. It is the one trend that succeeded in the test of time.

Dressing in vintage clothes has never been as big as it is today. With several decades of fashion styles to choose from, there is always a vintage look for everyone. While shopping for vintage clothing can give you a thrill, figuring out how to wear your vintage the right way can be challenging. However, once you learn the right kind of vintage pieces for your personality, you can try experimenting by mixing different eras of vintage clothing, or by styling your vintage alongside your modern pieces.

Creating a vintage outfit

Perhaps the simplest way to wear your vintage piece while still looking modern is to mix one or two items with contemporary styles. Adding one classic vintage piece to an otherwise stylish and contemporary outfit can add a level of timeless sophistication, or try one standout vintage with contemporary basics to let your vintage piece shine.

While incorporating different eras of vintage can be a lot tricky and may take some time depending on your specific vintage pieces, the result can be an impressive look that will be worthwhile. When mixing and matching vintage looks, try not to dwell on perfection. Sometimes contrasting styles come together to make the most stylish and unique outfits! For example, combine a rocker tee from the 1990s with a mid-20th century high-waist skirt for a flawlessly imperfect, mismatched style. Try a printed skirt, such as a floral or leopard print, if you are feeling adventurous.

To achieve that vintage style looks, it’s all about experimentation, so don’t be hard on yourself and have fun with your look. You can fully embrace dressing vintage with an era-specific outfit, quintessential, or take more neutral items that are less vintage. To make a completely vintage look, try a full-on 1960s outfit, such as a belted garden dress with a metal-framed handbag in a pastel tone. Complete the outfit with a wavy hairstyle.

Adding some accessories in your vintage look

Freshen up your vintage style with makeup and contemporary hair to avoid looking like you just got out from a movie set. While rocking a blunt bob hairstyle with a flapper stylish dress is a fabulous look for a 1920s party, it can make your outfit look instantly dated. Instead, try a low ponytail hairstyle, with neutral makeup to let your vintage dress style outfit take center stage.

Don’t forget to accessorize your vintage style look with jewelry, modern shoes, and/or handbags. Even if your clothes are vintage, adding your look with modernized accessories will help refurbish your outfit. Lastly, add your modern outfit with a touch of vintage; finish your outfit with one or two vintage accessories, such as vintage handbags, scarves, and jewelry.