6 Fun Ways To Accessorize Your Handbags


Have you ever considered accessorizing your accessories? Well, women don’t just accessorize themselves, but they also accessorize their favorite accessories. One of these accessories women love to decorate is their favorite handbags.

Even handbag stores also market accessories designed exclusively for the bags they’re selling. However, some of these accessories are so expensive that it can even cost you up to 50% of the price of the bag itself. Don’t worry because you can still make it look fancier than ever using the everyday objects you have without spending too much.

So don’t take your boring everyday handbag as it is, and take a cue from your favorite street style stars and be creative with everything you have from ribbons to scarves to fun chains. The key here is to have fun.


If you find the strap of your bag dull, it’s time to add some cute yet stylish ribbons in it. You can tie your favorite ribbon as an accessory to your handbag. As much as possible, try to only knot it once, and add a few stitches with matching thread to secure it. Don’t forget to cut the excess ribbon and apply a thin strip of clear nail polish along the end to stop it from fraying. And voila! Keep in mind that you can also add other fancy keychains or charms to one side.

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Printed Scarves

If you have a couple of unused scarves in your wardrobe, don’t throw them away yet. You can use an unused scarf to give a feminine touch to the handle of your handbag. Tie the edge of your unused scarf to the base of the handle. Begin wrapping from there, and be sure that the handle is wrapped tightly and evenly. Leave the excess scarf or tuck it to the wrapping as part of the look.

Metal Chains

Give a Chanel vibe to your bag with a metal chain that looks more expensive and classy than a plastic or acrylic. This trick works best if your handbag has removable straps. If it doesn’t, you can cut the straps off and stitch them back once the chain is on or unclip it. Make sure to use a chain that is large enough so you can stitch the strap through before you cut the chain.


Tie a colorful bandana to your handbag. You can tie it in any way; on the edge of the straps or both of the straps, everywhere you like. For a more luxurious vibe, choose a silk bandana.

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Key Chains

Metal key chains are excellent to accessorize your handbag. Just make sure that the key chain to use is the ones that you will never use again or something you don’t use anymore, and clip it to your bag.

PS: you can also clip brooches, earrings, pins, or faux pearls; any of these will look extremely lavish and stylish on your handbag.

Craft Supplies

You can use some craft supplies to decorate your handbag too. Just glue some beads, studs, badges, buttons, or anything, and that’s it! It will be a head-turner, and you’ll start hearing some compliments too.

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