Straw Handbags: A Cultural Legacy


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The straw handbag carries history within its weaves. Because weaving is a basic feature of cultures, it has bear witness to the changes while it remains within its overlapping fibers. Weaving in general is both a necessity and an expression of art. Materials vary depending on location but plant fibers are the general form used. Straw is basically a byproduct of agriculture which makes up about fifty percent of a crop’s harvest. Straw proved to be quite durable as it is used for thatch, packaging, basketry, horse collars, ropes, hats and the recently revived straw bale construction.Buy your fashion outfit online at Dresslily.com

Straw handbags are kin of baskets. In fact, straw handbags haven’t changed very much. They’re made with the basic technique of weaving that’s already at its peak. Like basket-weaving, straw handbags are woven like textiles but with less tension due to the straw’s low flexibility. It’s a centuries-old technology that never fails to serve well and is still quite famous with the help of designers. They have reintroduced the straw handbag into the fashion industry that racks are once again beaming with a cultural pride.

The Philippines is one of the birthplaces of straw handbags. Weaving and straw material have existed since before the Spanish era. Straw material is mainly abaca, raffia, lupis, tikog, bancuan, pandan and sea grass. The Philippine variety of straw handbags includes different purposes. The smallest of this array are purses designed for coins. Some of these coin purses are composed of two open mouthed pieces, the other slightly larger to fit perfectly around its partner for a secure hold. Some are simply closed off with a zip top.

Buy your fashion outfit online at Dresslily.comAnother version of this handbag is a tube specifically designed for long pieces such as fans and pens. The simplest of straw handbags still have the basket image with an open top, short handles and a relatively medium size.

Straw handbags in the Philippines originate from and are better found at different provinces. In fact, many local straw handbags are made only for export throughout the world. They are excellent in quality and with care are high in durability. They require simple maintenance by patting with a (water only) damp towel and nothing else.Buy your fashion outfit online at Dresslily.com

Today, varying styles and materials are mixed with straw handbags which created a multitude of available products. Designers now mix straw handbags with different materials such as leather for straps, brass buckles, and sequin patterns. The weaving pattern itself can be adjusted in order to produce a different design. Some straw handbags are fabulous with the simple mix of contrasting colors.

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